Halo Top is Giving Away Free Ice Cream Pints Online and at Events

Knowing that many people are ready to welcome the summer season, low-calorie, high-protein ice cream brand Halo Top is launching events to share free ice cream pints. In Vancouver and Toronto, Halo Top is hosting its first-ever Halo Top Drive-Thru “to take the edge off the May Long Weekend traffic.” According to the brand, in-person events are open to not just drivers but pedestrians and cyclists too.

As a sweet treat for Canadians who can’t make it to either of the Halo Top Drive-Thru events in-person, Halo Top created a Virtual Drive-Thru online so that the first 5,000 Canadians to “pass” through can be rewarded with a coupon for a free pint of Halo Top ice cream.

In Canada, Halo Top offers a variety of decadent flavors like Birthday Cake and Candy Bar, as well as its own take on classics like Vanilla Bean, Chocolate and Mint Chip.

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