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Fruity Spiced Mexican Beers

Fruity Spiced Mexican Beers


Fruity Spiced Mexican Beers

The Estrella Jalisco Tropical Chamoy Michelada has been announced by the Anheuser Busch-owned brand as a premium libation for fans of the original Michelada to try out. The drink features a 3.5% ABV, and merges beer with the the taste of pineapple along with Clamato and Chamoy Mexican seasoning. These components merge to create a libation that is fruity, refreshing and perfect for enjoyment in the warm weather.Senior Director Jayden Kahl spoke on the new Estrella Jalisco Tropical Chamoy Michelada saying, “Our Tropical Chamoy Michelada is a completely new flavour for American consumers in a ready-to-drink product, designed to evoke a modern connection to a Mexican tradition. But while people absolutely love chamoy, most don’t know how to define it. As we introduce chamoy’s unique, delicious taste to a wider audience, we’re hoping to open more palates to a Mexican staple, and give it the recognition it deserves.”

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