The Miller Lite ‘Cantroller’ is Both a Controller and a Drink

The Miller Lite ‘Cantroller’ has been unveiled by the brand as a new kind of packaging that will provide gamers with an unexpected way to play and enjoy the refreshing taste of the beer at the same time.

The packaging is a video game controller that features 12 ounces of beer within, which is sure to be admired by consumers who are interested in having a drink as they play. The unit features Bluetooth connectivity that will connect it to almost any gaming console or PC, a lithium-ion battery for up to three hours of use and even haptic feedback.

The Miller Lite ‘Cantroller’ will be demonstrated by the brand live on Twitch on Wednesday June 12 and will be limited to just 200 examples in total. Players can only get their hands on one by beating comedian Eric Andre at a game at a special event on July 12 in Los Angeles.

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