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Gen Z Soda Campaigns

Gen Z Soda Campaigns


Gen Z Soda Campaigns

The Sprite ‘Let’s Be Clear’ Campaign is getting ready to be launched by the brand in the UK as a marketing endeavor targeted towards Gen Z shoppers. The campaign focuses on the product’s ability to support consumers looking to take time to reset and refresh with a flavorful beverage that is in line with their packaging preferences. The campaign will feature an expansive reach that includes out-of-home and print advertising alongside digital and social media content.Marketing Director at Coca-Cola GB Louise Maugest spoke further on the inspiration behind the Sprite ‘Let’s Be Clear’ Campaign saying, “The advert features the Sprite 500ml clear plastic bottle – which will be made from 100% recycled plastic content in quarter four of this year. We moved Sprite from green plastic to clear plastic bottles in 2019, making them easier to recycle – a key factor in shoppers’ buying decisions, especially young adults.”Image Credit: The Coca-Cola Company

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