The Grey Goose Riviera Bottle Design is Designed by Maison Labiche

The new Grey Goose Riviera bottle design has been designed by Maison Labiche as part of the brand’s annual Riviera Series and conveys a carefree summertime aesthetic for consumers to appreciate.

The bottle design has been launched alongside a new capsule collection that includes clothing and accessories to let fans of the brands incorporate more of the line into their lifestyle. The bottle itself features a label with an embroidery-style font and the words “Live Victoriously” as part of the brand’s new marketing ethos.

Global Chief Marketing Officer at Grey Goose Lee Applbaum spoke on the new Grey Goose Riviera bottle design saying, “This summer, the collaboration between Grey Goose and Maison Labiche and the accompanying designs on our limited edition bottle and capsule collection seek to remind us that every moment, no matter how ephemeral, is an opportunity to create a life-long memory.”

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