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Haus Citrus + Flowers Aperitif

Haus Citrus + Flowers Aperitif


Haus Citrus + Flowers Aperitif

The Haus Citrus + Flowers Aperitif Has a 15% ABV

The Haus Citrus + Flowers aperitif is a new creation from the brand that aims to offer consumers with an alternative libation to sip before a meal that’s fruity and flavorful. Made with a base of white wine, the drink is reported to have 80% less sugar than Aperol, which makes it a strong competitor for consumers seeking to curb their intake of unwanted calories. The drink features a 15% ABV to make it a perfect option between wine or beer and a cocktail for consumers to enjoy on its own or however they desire.

The Haus Citrus + Flowers aperitif comes as the first product from the brand, but has already garnered significant interest with a waiting list of over 3,000.

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