Kelly Loves Taps the Western Market with an Identity by Studio Without

The Western market for healthy grab-and-go snacks is receiving a tasty addition through the introduction of the Kelly Loves brand. Founded by renowned Korean food entrepreneur, Kelly Choi, the label offers a selection of snack favorites that are often associated with childhood nostalgia in the Far East.

From Crispy Nori Snacks and Roasted Edamame to Chili Rice Crackers and Wasabi Peanuts, Kelly Loves is doused in a subtly whimsical branding identity that makes it quite accessible and eye-catching. The healthy grab-and-go snacks company received a visual and packaging overhaul by London-based creative studio Without who focused on communicating the whimsical, childhood-like vibe that the brand’s tasty products instill in Kelly Choi and many of her peers who grew up in the East.

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