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High-Fiber Protein Ice Creams

High-Fiber Protein Ice Creams


High-Fiber Protein Ice Creams

Alternative ice cream products are growing exponentially in popularity as consumers seek out ways to enjoy their favorite frozen treats, which is seeing new options like Wheyhey Brownies & Cream being introduced. The ice cream is characterized by its indulgent flavor that is naturally high in protein and fiber, while also being low in sugar and calories to accommodate the preferences of consumers. The ice cream is made using cream from grass-fed cows and has chew pieces of brownies in the mix.Company Founder Damien Kennedy spoke on the new Wheyhey Brownies & Cream ice cream saying, “The brand’s innovation team have made it their mission to tackle sub-category misconceptions around taste and texture, producing an undeniably smooth and creamy serve. Wheyhey’s ice cream range contains extra whey protein isolate and is low in lactose, producing a creamier and smoother texture in comparison to other low calorie ice creams in the market.”Image Credit: Wheyhey

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