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Iconic Living Room-Inspired Ads : Iconic Living Room

Iconic Living Room-Inspired Ads : Iconic Living Room


Iconic Living Room-Inspired Ads : Iconic Living Room


IKEA Recreated Scenes from TV Shows with Its Own Products

Some of the most iconic living room designs are from TV shows, which are instantly recognizable by distinctive furniture pieces and arrangements that serve as the backdrop for sitcoms like Friends and The Simpsons, as well as sci-fi series like Stranger Things. For its latest campaign, IKEA recreated these iconic interior designs using only its own furniture and decor products.

Whether or not the beloved characters from each of these shows is seen in these settings, the iconic living rooms can easily be identified. The IKEA Real Life campaign took two months to get all of the product details just right and modeled using 3D software. While IKEA’s KNISLINGE sofa was chosen to represent family couch that belongs to The Simpsons, IKEA also sells colorful LED chain lights, paint and brushes to recreate the iconic message wall from Stranger Things.


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