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Indulgent Coffee-Infused Vodkas : Holy Grass Vodka

Indulgent Coffee-Infused Vodkas : Holy Grass Vodka


Indulgent Coffee-Infused Vodkas : Holy Grass Vodka


The Holy Grass Vodka from Dunnet Bay Distillers is Smooth

The Holy Grass Vodka has been unveiled by Scotland-based Dunnet Bay Distillers as a new spirit that will provide libation enthusiasts with an unexpectedly smooth option to use in their next cocktail. The spirit has been created in collaboration with Glasgow-based Ovenbird Coffee Roasters and is reported to have a dark chocolate profile with notes of vanilla. The vodka is made with coffee beans from Ovenbirds that have been aged for six years before being blended with the distillery’s premium spirit.

Co-founder of Dunnet Bay Distillers Martin Murray spoke on the new Holy Grass Vodka saying, “We’ve been fans of, and friends with, the Ovenbird Coffee team for some time now, which has resulted in numerous vodka experiments down at the distillery. Over time the method has been perfected and we are now ready to share our Holy Grass Vodka – Cold Brew Coffee edition with the rest of the UK. It’s great slowly sipped over ice or it works fabulously in an espresso martini.”


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