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Interactive Grocery Store Mirrors : ar mirrors

Interactive Grocery Store Mirrors : ar mirrors


Interactive Grocery Store Mirrors : ar mirrors


Flow and MemoMi are Introducing AR Mirrors to Grocery Spaces

AR mirrors are now becoming fixtures of apparel and cosmetics retailers but Flow Alkaline Spring Water is teaming up with MemoMi to introduce this next-gen technology to grocery stores—in fact, the Canadian water company is calling this innovation “the first of its kind in the grocery space.”

While MemoMi’s Memory Mirror is commonly used inside of fitting rooms at high-end department stores, Flow worked with the company to adapt its technology to share the message of its ‘Superpower of Alkalinity’ program. As such, shoppers are able to use the in-store mirror to choose a “superpower” that goes with one of the brand’s six organic water flavors and see themselves outfitted in a virtual mask, cape and a badge.


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