Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s ‘Happy Feed’ Shares Good News

Mike’s Hard Lemonade is giving people even more reasons to smile this summer with its Happy Feed initiative and its own newspaper called ‘The Brighter Times.’ Across 10 cities, the brand is sharing good news through customized pop-up newsstands.

The Brighter Times only shares uplifting stories curated by Tanks Good News, an influencer who regularly shares feel-good content on social media. The branded newspaper contains 18 articles that are divided into fun-to-read categories like Good Business, Real Life Heroes and Tank’s Picks.

Happy Feed is just one part of the brand’s mission to spread happiness to people and encourage them to “Drink on the bright side,” as its mantra describes. As part of the joy-spreading initiative, Mike’s Hard Lemonade is teasing that even more good news will be coming as of June 21st.

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