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Juice-Spiked Sparkling Waters : Volvic L’mon

Juice-Spiked Sparkling Waters : Volvic L’mon


Juice-Spiked Sparkling Waters : Volvic L’mon


The Volvic L’mon Drinks will be Available in Three Flavor Options

The growing consumer demand for health-focused food & beverage products is seeing new options like the Volvic L’mon drinks be introduced. Launching this month in the UK at a cost of 99p each, the drinks will come in three flavor options including Lemon & Lime, Lemon & Orange and Lemon & Grapefruit. Each one of the sparkling water drinks is made with at least 25% real juice to make them an effervescent refreshment option that’s free of unwanted ingredients.

The Volvic L’mon drinks were explained by Senior Brand Manager for Volvic UK & Ireland Jacqueline Lane who said, “Now more than ever, consumers are on the lookout for healthier products which suit their busy lifestyles. Fizzy drinks continue to be hugely popular but are often seen as a less health conscious choice, particularly if they are high in sugar or full of artificial additives.”


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