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Lean Prepackaged Scotch Eggs : Chicken Scotch Egg

Lean Prepackaged Scotch Eggs : Chicken Scotch Egg


Lean Prepackaged Scotch Eggs : Chicken Scotch Egg

The Wall’s Pastry Chicken Scotch Egg is a lean snack variety created by the brand to offer consumers a lighter option when looking to enjoy the premium flavor of the signature British food.The 113 gram product is achieved with 100% British chicken versus sausage meat as the traditional recipe usually calls for along with seasonings such as onion, garlic, nutmeg, sage, parsley and coriander. The egg is coated with a golden crumb in order to add just the right amount of crunch without increasing the total fat (nine grams) and calories (197) too much.Brand Manager at Wall’s Pastry at Addo Food Group Mike Holton spoke on the Wall’s Pastry Chicken Scotch Egg saying, “Our category research has shown that there is currently a gap in the market for chilled chicken pastry products and, after seeing the success of our chicken pastry rolls, we wanted to continue to expand our range and provide consumers with an innovative and healthier twist on their traditional favorites. We’re really excited to be launching a new product that provides a healthier on-the-go and snacking alternative. Whether it’s a quick bite or a lunchtime treat, we want to offer a high protein snack to consumers who are looking for something a little different without any added guilt.”

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