The arrival of summertime means consumers will be spending extended periods of time outdoors in the heat, so brands are responding with new products like the Sheppy’s Redstreak craft cider. The medium-sweet cider is made with the Somerset Redstreak apples, which gives it a crisp, light and refreshing profile that is perfect for slowly sipping outside on hot days. The cider has a low-alcohol profile with a 4% ABV to make it more suited for those who want to limit their intake of alcohol.Master of Cider David Sheppy spoke on the new Sheppy’s Redstreak craft cider saying, “The Redstreak apple variety is a personal favorite of mine, so being able to introduce our newest cider made with its wonderfully refreshing flavour is a real joy. Lower ABV innovations are more important than ever to maintain volume growth and keep drinkers interested in cider, which is why we wanted our Redstreak to sit at 4%. It’s perfect for long lazy days in the sun and hopefully for enjoying at summer social occasions in the not too distant future!”

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