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Lower-Alcohol Gin Spirits

Lower-Alcohol Gin Spirits


Lower-Alcohol Gin Spirits

The Pinkster Spritz is a new product from the gin brand in the UK that will provide consumers with a way to enjoy a flavorful, aromatic drinking experience without having to worry about too much alcohol in the mix.The product is bottled with a 24% ABV to make it a lower alcohol alternative to straight spirits and is perfect for mixing up a fretting cocktail in the warm weather. The product is being launched in 70cl bottles at a price point of £28 alongside the new ‘What’s Your Excuse to Spritz?’ campaign to help highlight the everyday nature of partaking in a cocktail.Pinkster Managing Director Stephen Marsh spoke on the new Pinkster Spritz saying, “With more and more people trying to lead healthier lifestyles and cutting back on alcohol, all consumer insight indicates that lower-abv and lower-calorie drinks are totally on trend.”

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