Rituel de Fille’s ‘Moon Drop’ Only Happens Once Monthly on the Full Moon

The time between a full moon and the next occurrence of the same phase of the lunar cycle is about a month and this represents how long consumers have to wait before getting access to new, limited and rare products from beauty brand Rituel de Fille.

Rituel de Fille offers a special ‘Moon Drop’ that coincides with a specific point in the lunar cycle, which is perfectly on-brand, as the brand is focused on all things magical, elemental, ceremonial and powerful. For the last full moon, the brand introduced a Celestial Sphere Eye Soot in the shade Cygnus and a special color set that paired this hue with another flattering shade. As the full moon is revered as a time of renewal, the Moon Drop aims to tap into a particularly powerful time of the month.

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