nana-nana, Akira & Kosuke Kawamura Boast a Collaborative Exhibit

As far as art wall projects go, this exhibition by Tokyo-based accessory brand nana-nana, cult-favorite 1988 film Akira, and artist Kosuke Kawamura is quite mesmerizing as it brings a number of industries together.

The Japanese cartoon presence has been strong within the streetwear industry and during this event in Los Angeles — which is simply dubbed the ‘AKIRA ART WALL PROJECT’ and which will run until July 15th, the fusion reaches a height. nana-nana presents a series of PVC bags that have been adorned with the characters of the movie. Moreover, the exhibition can be considered a publicity boost for Akira, as the storyline is receiving “both a live-action adaptation with creator Katsuhiro Otomo as well as its own anime series.”

Photo Credits: Highsnobiety/ Thomas Welch

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