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Meditative Software Music

Meditative Software Music


Meditative Software Music

To tease the release of Windows 11, Microsoft released 11 minutes of Startup Sounds, which revisits the reviving system sounds of Windows 95, XP and 7 slowed down to a “meditative 4,000% reduced speed.” The soothing sounds of the computers starting up are joined by some of the scenic natural backdrops that inspired desktop wallpapers.The short audio-visual experience is meant to help people find their center if they seem to excited for the upcoming Microsoft Event at the end of the month.While there are many channels that play lo-fi music to help people get in the zone for sleeping, studying, meditating or other activities, this “slo-fi” track from Microsoft offers a sense of soothing that comes with a side of nostalgia for computer system sounds of the past.

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