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Milk Mustache Cereal Branding

Milk Mustache Cereal Branding


Milk Mustache Cereal Branding

General Mills and got milk? have partnered to create a range of limited-edition packaging examples that are sure to catch the eye of consumers and call to mind the campaign from the latter brand. The packaging will see all of the brand’s cereal mascot characters with a milk mustache along with the simple phrase “got milk?” to make it instantly recognizable on store shelves. The campaign is intended to help combine a fun, lighthearted approach to essential nutrition for younger consumers.Senior Nutrition Manager at General Mills Amy Cohn spoke on the General Mills and got milk? partnership saying, “We believe in the power of cereal and milk to be an easy, affordable and delicious way to deliver the nutrients people need with the taste they love. And for kids who eat cereal, 53% of their daily milk consumption comes from pouring cereal and milk together. So, while General Mills cereal and milk have been a perfect pairing for a long time, we’re thrilled to officially come together to share this important message through our iconic characters.”

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