Nike’s House of Innovation 000 is Completely Run by Smartphones

Nike’s New York City flagship ‘House of Innovation 000’ is completely powered by smartphones, digitally connecting consumers to their retail experience. The Nike app invites its users to incorporate itself into the digital purchasing process with special features including ‘Scan to Try,’ ‘ Shop the Look,’ and ‘Instant Checkout.’

The Scan to Try is found in the Nike Pickup selection within the app, where customers can visit the store, scan the barcode on the shoe they want to try, select their size, and its brought to them. The Shop the Look feature is similar, where customers can scan a QR code on a mannequin and get the information of their outfit, select sizes if interested, and sent to a fitting room. The Instant Checkout feature is just as it sounds, where saved credit card information on one’s phone makes the process run seamlessly.

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