Cinnamon Toast Crunch Created an Immersive Cinnaverse Experience

To introduce the bold new look for its cereal boxes that will begin appearing in stores in the fall, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is launching ‘The Cinnaverse Experience,’ which offers an immersive experience of the new design. The new breakfast cereal box boasts splashes of purple, red, green and blue colors, plus emoji-inspired Cinnamojis characters that can be seen on the back of the boxes.

The immersive, multi-sensory Cinnaverse Experience will be touring several cities, treating visitors to a mouthwatering “Cinnamist” aroma in the Cinna-Swirl Vortex, a crunchy floor beneath their feet in the Cinna-Crunch Zone and the sweet taste of “Cinnamilk” in the Cinna-Milk Whirl’d. The Cinnaverse also boasts a gift shop with items to take home to remember the multi-sensory experience of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

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