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Naturally Formulated Antacids

Naturally Formulated Antacids


Naturally Formulated Antacids

Tums Naturals are being launched by GSK Consumer Healthcare to offer consumers a naturally sourced solution for combating the effects of heartburn. The antacid features a recipe that is free from the use of artificial flavors and dyes, while still offering a multi-symptom level of relief. This includes being able to alleviate the discomfort of acid indigestion as well as sour stomach and burning in the chest.Director at Tums Amy Sharon explained the new Tums Naturals further saying, “As consumers are increasingly aware of the ingredients they consume, we saw an opportunity to offer them the efficacy they rely on and expect from TUMS, while delivering on their desire for more natural-leaning solutions to their medicinal needs. Millions of people suffer from heartburn, caused by things like stress and the foods they consume, and our mission is to continue ensuring they have access to relief that fits their personal preferences, so heartburn isn’t something they have to worry about.”Image Credit:

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