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Neighborly Networking Apps

Neighborly Networking Apps


Neighborly Networking Apps

New York City has gained a reputation as a place where it’s difficult to make friends and connections due to the fast and frenetic pace of life, but a new networking app is designed to change that by making it easier than ever for New Yorkers to forge friendships with their neighbors. The ‘OneRoof’ app uses a code-based verification system to confirm the location of buildings that its users live in. Once the confirmation is carried out, users can then engage with their neighbors on a variety of levels. For example, they can make friends with neighbors who share similar interests, voice concerns or ask questions about the building or even go about buying, selling and bartering. Available for free download, the ‘OneRoof’ networking app is a great way for New Yorkers to get to know their neighbors and enrich their social interactions in the wake of the pandemic.Image Credit: OneRoof

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