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Nonalcoholic Sparkling Wine Beverages : Martini 0.0% Dolce

Nonalcoholic Sparkling Wine Beverages : Martini 0.0% Dolce


Nonalcoholic Sparkling Wine Beverages : Martini 0.0% Dolce


The Martini 0.0% Dolce Sparkling Wine Drink is Refreshing

The Martini 0.0% Dolce sparkling wine drink is set to launch in the UK as the first zero alcohol sparkling refreshment option that is sure to be welcomed by consumers seeking to restrict alcohol intake.

The drink has a light profile that’s sweet and fruit with hints of pear and apple, which make it ideal for enjoyment on its own or as an accompaniment to lighter fare. The beverage also shows promise as being a versatile alcohol alternative that could be used to liven up nonalcoholic cocktails with a touch of effervescence.

Global Director of Martini Sparkling Wines Marco Mazzini spoke on the new product saying, “All our efforts have been focused into the taste of the product, as many people love the refreshing flavors that our sparkling wine portfolio bring to the table. All the skills of Martini winemakers were harnessed to produce the very best grapes from Northern Italy’s premium wine growing regions to produce the Martini 0.0% Dolce. With the low/no trend reaching new heights, it caters to those who are looking into moderating their alcohol consumption – without compromising on taste.”


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