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Pandemic Baby Boom Apparel

Pandemic Baby Boom Apparel


Pandemic Baby Boom Apparel

Heinz by Nature’s new Lockdown Lovebaby collection celebrates the first Canadian babies who were born during the COVID-19 pandemic. “According to a recent survey, over one third of Canadians either announced or know someone who announced their pregnancy since Canadians locked down in March.” The Lockdown Lovebaby collection is a limited edition clothing range consisting of humorous onesies and bibs that feature fun slogans like “My parents put more than just sourdough buns in the oven” and “While you were hoarding TP my parents were making me” among others.Starting on December 18th, pieces from the collection will be free exclusively to babies born in Canada. With the lockdown underway for 9 months, it is projected that over 1,000 babies were born on December 18th globally. “Having a baby 9 months to the day of the lockdown may make some parents blush— everyone knows what went down in March 2020. The result is obviously “homemade”. Something we care deeply about at Heinz by Nature. So we couldn’t resist celebrating the lockdown’s most special, homemade miracles with The Lockdown Lovebaby Collection.” said Heena Verma, Senior Marketing Manager, Brand Build & Innovation at Kraft Heinz Canada.

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