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Pared-Back Beer Advertisements : honest ad

Pared-Back Beer Advertisements : honest ad


Pared-Back Beer Advertisements : honest ad


Brewdog’s ‘Most Honest Ad Ever’ Embraces a Minimalist Mentality

Knowing that many consumers mistrust marketing and enjoy transparency, BrewDog created ‘The Most Honest Ad Ever’ for the launch of its alcohol-free beer, Punk AF.

The ad invites consumers to explore an alternative to what they usually see with an advertisement that defies convention and expectation. The 30-second ad embraces the brand’s “less is more” approach and sets a single beer can against the word “ADVERT” and heavy metal music. While BrewDog’s minimalist ad doesn’t seem to say much, it undeniably made an impact as it was shown during the fourth episode of the final season of Game of Thrones, which was viewed by millions.

To complement the honest ad it created for TV, BrewDog is now also sharing out-of-home billboards and straightforward ads on public transportation that read “ADVERT ON A BUS.”


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