Chicago Town Created an Entire Bridal Package for Pizza Lovers

Frozen pizza brand Chicago Town created a unique bridal package and a competition for pizza lovers. The Pizza Bridal Package can be enjoyed by a couple of pizza fanatics this summer, complete with a wedding dress, a six-tier pizza wedding cake, a pizza bouquet, a honeymoon to Chicago and £500 in spending money. The unconventional, food-themed bridal package was created after Chicago Town collected research that suggested: “more than half of Brits would be excited to attend a wedding if they knew pizza was on the menu.”

Notably, the design of the pizza-themed wedding dress was loosely inspired by a viral meme of Rihanna’s 2018 Met Gala dress.

The competition to win the Pizza Bridal Package is open to couples who are getting married in the UK before December 21st of this year.

Image Credit: Darren Robinson Photography

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