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Plant-Based Italian Milks

Plant-Based Italian Milks


Plant-Based Italian Milks

The Koita plant-based milk range is being launched in the US to help offer consumers a premium option to enjoy when looking for an alternative to existing varieties on the market or dairy-based ones. The drinks are characterized by their 100% pure, clean flavor profile that is achieved using high-quality ingredients that have been sourced, prepared and packed in Italy. The premium products have a shelf-stable recipe that will make them easy for consumers to purchase and store until use.Koita Foods Founder Mustafa Koita spoke on the launch of the Koita plant-based milk range into the US market saying, “Koita’s U.S. launch is really a dream come true for me. After successfully growing my company abroad, I am beyond excited to bring our plant-based milks back home to the U.S. I bet you’re thinking … why the U.S.? There are loads of competitors and plant-based milks are everywhere. You aren’t wrong and that’s what I thought, too – at first. But it turns out people truly love the taste of our Italian-grown milks.”

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