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Playful Vodka Ad Campaigns

Playful Vodka Ad Campaigns


Playful Vodka Ad Campaigns

The Grey Goose ad for Essences, its latest line of fruit-infused vodkas, invites the viewer into a playful and dynamic world that feels warm and welcoming. The ad centers around a city-going character who falls into a magical, floral world designed to evoke wonder and whimsy. With the generous pops of bright color and groovy background track, the Grey Goose ad is sure to connect its Essences vodka offerings with spring and summer vibes. The smooth camerawork carries the ad forward, creating the well-crafted illusion of a seamless viewing experience.The minute-long Grey Goose ad is set to air during the upcoming Oscars on April 25th. Grey Goose Essences are 30% ABV vodkas that are sugar- and carb-free. They are available in ‘Strawberry & Lemongrass’, ‘Watermelon & Basil’, and ‘White Peach & Rosemary’ flavors.Image Credit: PR Newswire / Grey Goose

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