Orchard Pig Cider’s ‘Pig Pod’ is a Wooden Pig-Shaped Cabin for Rent

UK-based cider company, the Orchard Pig, recently announced that fans have the chance to stay at a quaint wooden cabin — the Pig Pod. The pig-shaped pod can is available for rent via Airbnb and can fit up to 12 people and can sleep two.

The Pig Pod features a wooden design with a pink exterior. The inside boasts quaint decor including hanging lights, flags, and lanterns. According to a statement by the company, “the portable pod will be brought to the location of your choice and equipped with all the camping essentials (but not too many – this is about embracing nature and living the piggy lifestyle…).” The Pig Pod is based in Bristol and is fully mobile to be delivered anywhere in Britain.

The Piggy Pod is the ideal romantic getaway, bachelorette destination, or baby shower location.

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