Oreo Yo’self Allows Consumers to Design Special, Custom Oreos

This custom Oreo experience in Australia allows consumers to add a strong personal quality to their treats by printing a portrait of themselves atop the creme. The specialty service utilizes “the world’s only cookie & creme portrait-printing robot.”

In a world where technology allows for many avenues for personalization, an activation like Oreo Yo’self is sure to draw attention. For one, the vegan-friendly company has generated quite a fan base, therefore, the opportunity for custom Oreos will be of interest to many.

The oMotion algorithm gathers data of the many faces of Australia, contributing to the creation of an inclusive palette that is “diverse, eclectic, [and] vibrant.” The custom Oreo is bigger than the traditional cookie. After a series of high-tech features, including the conversion of a digital portrait into an “O-code instruction package” and the utilization of the ultra-precise Creme-o-matic Fabricator Arm, the custom Oreo is ready to be shipped to the consumer.

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