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Powder-to-Foam Face Washes

Powder-to-Foam Face Washes


Powder-to-Foam Face Washes

Klei Beauty pioneers a “revolutionary powder-to-foam face wash” with SCI, a coconut oil-based cleanser, and rice bran which gently exfoliates. Because of its powdered format, the formula of the product can also be classified as eco-conscious as it conserves water by allowing individuals to add a few drops themselves instead. This move also saves on packaging size. The powder-to-foam face wash is ideal for dry, oily, combination, or sensitive skin. The aforementioned SCI gently foams up naturally when water is added and attributes to the cleansing experience od the product. Coconut Milk Powder and Chamomile are added, as well, to soothe skin irritations and inflammation. The Rice Bran, on the other hand, “balances skin’s moisture by removing excess oils,” while the Rose Clay reduces irritation due to acne, rosacea, and psoriasis.Image Credit: Klei Beauty

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