Rowing Blazers’ Store Activation is Housed in the U.S. Post Office

Contemporary fashion brand Rowing Blazers conducts its inaugural Los Angeles pop-up experience and the activation was located in the historic Brentwood Country Mart — more precisely, the temporary shop was housed in the U.S. Post Office. This space is also known as the ‘Trading Post’ and it has been known to lend its building to “the occasional Designer-in-Residence.’

The site of the execution, without a doubt, instilled a powerful Americana vibe. The clothing and decor within the Los Angeles pop-up are cheerful, with classic undertones of preppy Americana. From polos and rugby to t-shirts and timepieces, the looks and styles within Rowing Blazers’ physical extension are timeless.

The Los Angeles pop-up is opened for the next four months.

Photo Credits: Thomas Welch

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