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Pro Ukraine Magazine Launch: Unveiling the Essence of Ukrainian Culture, Business, and Charity with Elvira Gavrilova


Pro Ukraine Magazine Launch: Unveiling the Essence of Ukrainian Culture, Business, and Charity with Elvira Gavrilova

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“Pro Ukraine” is a project aimed at promoting all things Ukrainian. Elvira Gavrilova, the founder and chief editor of the “Pro Ukraine” project, shared in her interview that despite living in Portugal for over 15 years, she always proudly acknowledges her Ukrainian heritage. The idea of creating a project that would contribute to the popularization of Ukrainian culture, cuisine, brands, and fashion has been on her mind for a long time. Thanks to her determination and perseverance, she finally brought this idea to life, regretting only that she didn’t start the project earlier, especially in light of Russia’s full-scale aggression against Ukraine.

“Pro Ukraine” is not just a magazine; it’s a printed publication with a circulation of 10,000 copies distributed in various European countries, partially in America, and even entering the Arabic market. The magazine features sections dedicated to the history and culture of Ukraine, as well as fashion and business, including IT technologies, investment projects, and startups. It also covers cinema and the Ukrainian show business scene, with a special emphasis on Ukrainian cuisine, which Elvira Gavrilova considers the most delicious.

Elvira Gavrilova is the initiator and founder of the Pro Ukraine project

Elvira Gavrilova, the founder of the “Pro Ukraine” project, brings significant experience in international publishing, with over 10 years in the industry. She has successfully developed various publications, including “Money+”, “Fostylen”, “Business ML” and many other projects, promoting and implementing them effectively. She also owns an international advertising company called Elledgy Media Group, which includes concierge services collaborating with leading global events and galas. In addition to her achievements, Elvira is actively involved in charitable activities. One of her projects, “Ukrainians for Ukraine”, aims to raise funds to support Ukraine. Elvira successfully organizes charity events in Greece, Portugal, Austria, and Ukraine, raising over 7 million hryvnias to support her country.

Elvira is not only a figure in publishing and charity but also an influential blogger with millions of followers, impressing her audience with stunning looks from the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals.

Pro Ukraine: A magazine or something more?

Despite her diverse interests and impressive experience, Elvira emphasizes that “Pro Ukraine” is her soul. The project goes beyond being just a magazine; it includes charitable initiatives to support Ukraine. Elvira’s previous charity evenings, known as “Ukrainians for Ukraine”, are now integrated into the “Pro Ukraine” project. As part of her advertising activities, she launched a charitable project to support young Ukrainian entrepreneurs starting their business journey, providing them with free PR and advertising support to promote their ideas on a charitable basis. Plans for “Pro Ukraine” include introducing the “Top 50 Ukrainian Businesses” award during the Cannes Film Festival, recognizing Ukrainian entrepreneurs who have gained recognition not only in Ukraine but also internationally. The “Pro Ukraine” team remains open to new ideas and proposals, actively developing the project to support Ukraine and its entrepreneurs.

The presentation of the first issue of Pro Ukraine Magazine took place during the 6th charity evening “Ukrainians for Ukraine” on October 24 in Kyiv at the picturesque Osocor residence. The event, hosted by Yuriy Gorbunov, featured performances by renowned artists such as Jamala, the band KAZKA, and Aviator. The evening raised over 2 million hryvnias for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and internally displaced children.

Who is on the pages of the first issue of Pro Ukraine Magazine

The heroes of the first issue of Pro Ukraine Magazine include Natalia Bondarchuk, a long-time colleague of Elvira and a prominent public figure and philanthropist. Natalia has initiated festivals and actions supporting talented Ukrainian youth, such as the “First Step” festival, a unique platform for showcasing and discussing student film projects from Ukrainian film schools.

The “Pro Heroes” section in this issue features an exclusive interview with Kolya Serga, a participant in the “Cultural Forces” project, which facilitates direct cultural exchange with military personnel along the front line. The issue also includes interviews with Elvira’s charity partners, the Charity Fund “Battalion Volunteer”, actively supporting Ukraine by collecting funds for essential needs, and an interview with Vlad Sytnik, known as the “Golden Voice of Ukraine”. Additionally, there is an interview with Elvira’s partner, Ukrainian film producer, and patron Artem Koliubaiev, actively promoting Ukrainian culture and cinema worldwide.

Elvira Gavrilova has ambitious plans for the “Pro Ukraine” project. In addition to expanding the publication, she intends to focus on supporting Ukrainian businesses through charitable initiatives. Her plans also include creating the prestigious “Top 50 Ukrainian Businesses” award, initiatives that promise to make a significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian business and introduce the world to Ukrainian culture.

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