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American show business with a Ukrainian soul – Inessa Danushevska’s success story.


American show business with a Ukrainian soul – Inessa Danushevska’s success story.


You moved to the United States 30 years ago. What were your first impressions of the new country, and what advice would you give to those who are currently in the process of immigration?

When I moved to the United States, it was difficult to play music at that time and I had to get other specialties. I worked as an accountant and a fitness trainer. I had my modeling school, and for 23 years I had my fitness club. Therefore, a significant part of my life and daily routine is also connected with sports. The main thing I can advise is language. Try to communicate in English as much as possible, and get an education if possible. It’s never too late to learn a new profession and follow your heart’s call.

Have you ever thought about how your life in Ukraine could have turned out and did you see yourself in a different role?

I can’t imagine my life without music. I was a singer and musician in Ukraine. I think that if I had stayed, I would have continued to pursue a musical career.  



  Do you think it’s easier for artists to develop now with the rise of social media, or is it harder to stand out because of your talent?

At the moment, it’s easier for artists to develop and distribute their work thanks to music platforms. YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify are the best in this regard.

What has influenced your work the most and are there any artists whose experience inspires you?

My work is influenced by my fate and life experience. All my songs are about inner experiences. I feel this world through music, discover this world through music, and tell stories.

Going international and being honored by the Hollywood Academy Music Awards, how much pressure do you feel in connection with this grand event? How have your plans changed and what is the next peak to conquer?

These events are the result of hard daily work. Failures, doubts, and uncertainty are also part of the journey. Nevertheless, I am overjoyed that my work has been recognized and that I can do what I love. And of course, I’m not going to rest on my laurels and plan to plunge into my work with renewed vigor.

It is said that artists are superstitious people. Do you have any rituals of your own before going on stage?

I always say a prayer before going on stage and thank God for the opportunity to share my feelings with the audience.  


  What is your daily routine and what helps you switch from everyday activities?

It’s hard to call me a morning person because I don’t like getting up early. My daily routine is also always different. But after breakfast, I always do sports. This helps me change my focus and maintain good health.

And finally, what advice would you give to your little girl and the thousands of girls for whom you are an example of a strong and successful woman?

Remember that failures are also part of the path to success, and it is through them that we become who we are meant to be. Never give up or give in. Believe in yourself, even when it seems like no one else.

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