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Recycled Condiment Packaging

Recycled Condiment Packaging


Recycled Condiment Packaging

Hellmann’s has announced a new 100% Recycled Bottle packaging that it will be launching in the UK to help reduce waste and offer consumers another reason to feel good about purchasing the product. The packaging comes alongside news that brand owner Unilever has shifted almost half (40%) of the range over to recycled plastic with a full transition taking place by the end of 2022. The squeeze bottles also allow for easy access to help consumers perfectly portion out as much or as little of the product as they need.Vice President of Foods and Refreshment for Unilever Andre Burger spoke on the new Hellmann’s 100% Recycled Bottle packaging saying, “With our new 100% recycled plastic bottles, which are also fully recyclable, we are providing shoppers with an accessible and simple way to help make their households and mealtimes more sustainable – whilst continuing to enjoy the products they love. Our Hellmann’s bottles are our first food brand in the UK to use 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, and whilst making the switch has not been without it’s challenges, these learnings will enable us to accelerate the move of other Unilever food brands to using more recycled plastic too.”

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