Mr Lee’s Noodles Have an Improved Recipe for Enhanced Flavor

The Mr Lee’s Noodles lineup of instant noodles have been reformulated by the brand to help enhance their flavor and environmental profile to identify what can be done to revamp convenient food varieties. The instant noodles each have a more balanced seasoning recipe, while the Tai Chi Chicken and Coconut Chicken Laksa varieties have been infused with 100% chicken breast. Each of the varieties are low in calories, sugar and are free of gluten, while still having the same amount of freeze-dried vegetables and protein as the previous formulations.

The Mr Lee’s Noodles instant noodle reformulations were touted by Founder Damien Lee who said, “Taste doesn’t have to come at the sacrifice of healthfulness in food, and Mr Lee’s Noodles are proving that point in the convenience food sector. Our noodles are tasty and guilt-free, crafted by real people, using only the finest of ingredients. No worries, eat happy.”

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