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Sci-Fi-Inspired Retro Programs : windows 1.11 app

Sci-Fi-Inspired Retro Programs : windows 1.11 app


Sci-Fi-Inspired Retro Programs : windows 1.11 app

Microsoft’s Windows 1.11 App Commorates Stranger Things

As season three of the Netflix show Stranger Things has been released, Microsoft has created the Windows 1.11 app to commemorate the launch. The app includes 1985 technology including Paint, Write and Windows cmd prompt. Microsoft will also enable users to make their own mini-movies, as well as 3D models, theme music and special effects. Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets will also allow users to insert themselves into the show.

The Windows 1.11 app is designed for user interaction which correlates with the Stranger Things season. Also included in the app are 8-bit mini-games, where users look to find clues as well as Easter eggs. Also included are different glitches inspired by the show’s Upside Down world.

Microsoft has been promoting the app before the new Stranger Things season three launch, and now users can download the commemorative sci-fi app.

Image Credit: Microsoft

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