Dairy Queen’s New ‘Box of Happy’ is a Summer Subscription Box

If you’re in need of some fun staycation ideas for the summer, Dairy Queen has you covered with a new subscription service called ‘Box of Happy.’ Naturally, all the subscription boxes also come with a gift card to enjoy some Dairy Queen ice cream.

The Box of Happy promotion is a seasonal subscription service created by Dairy Queen and Coca-Cola. Each box is filled with summer activities for families, along with some DQ gift cards. Each box also has a unique theme, so that families can enjoy different activities each month. For instance, the June ‘Camp-In Box’ comes with indoor camping gear for at-home camping, while the July ‘Water Park Box’ contains a sprinkler that will turn your yard into a water park. Finally, the August ‘Road Trip Box’ comes with “memory-makers for your next family road trip.”

Image Credits: Dairy Queen.

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