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Secrets of Elvira Gavrilova’s perfect figure

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Secrets of Elvira Gavrilova’s perfect figure

Looking at the business lady Elvira Gavrilova, you ask yourself “How to stay in such a chic shape?”. Today Elvira answered the questions of interest to many.

Elvira, do you follow any diet?

No, I was strongly influenced by The Body Book by Cameron Diaz, after which the idea came to me that the key to good health is balance.

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Name three of your favorite foods.

Salmon tartare with artichokes, carbonara and cheesecake.

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How many hours a day do you play sports?

Two hours every day.

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Is your ideal figure because of good heredity?

Heredity. But I must also not forget about an active lifestyle.

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Are you a fan of active or passive recreation?

I used to prefer outdoor activities, but lately I like to lie on a sun lounger.

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Do you have special lifehacks or slimming secrets?

Just spend as much energy as possible.

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Your advice to girls who want to become more confident.

Relax and enjoy life. Forget that you have to be skinny, super-beautiful or perfect. The main thing is that you feel comfortable in your own body.

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Photo Retouching: @nanamoonphotography
Glasses: @gucci
Top: @celine
Choker: @balenciaga
Trousers: @bershka
Bag: @hermes
Shoes: @casadeiofficial
Wrist-watch: Rolex Datejust

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