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Self-Service AI Chatbots

Self-Service AI Chatbots


Self-Service AI Chatbots

Verint IVAs–Intelligent Virtual Assistants–allow businesses to outsource customer service tasks to chatbots, saving time, money, and human resources. The low-code, user-friendly software can be customized to businesses’ needs by incorporating large volumes of informative data drawn from the business’ current conversation logs. This process allows the Verint IVAs to adapt to a multiplicity of roles on demand effectively.Mindful of the failings within AI-driven technology, the Verint IVA Pro Package has built-in functions that allow businesses to measure the ROI of its deployed chatbots actively as well as continuously improve them through concurrent processing of conversation data. As the e-commerce world explodes, Verint IVA is an industry leader in the growing movement toward AI-powered customer service solutions. Virtual chatbots offer an easy way to scale up businesses without expending valuable resources.Image Credit: Shutterstock

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