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Selfie Editing Awareness Campaigns

Selfie Editing Awareness Campaigns


Selfie Editing Awareness Campaigns

In what has been nicknamed “generation selfie” social media is a dangerous tool that can increase the likelihood of low esteem. This rings especially true for many young girls, who are growing up exposed to unrealistic beauty standards, with augmented reality tools on mainstream platforms commonly used to alter their natural features. From hair color to skin texture and face shape, such tools are normalizing the tendency to alter selfies and photos. Known for its impactful beauty campaigns, Dove aims to fight the potentially harmful impact of social media and image augmentation on young girls. ‘Reverse Selfie’ is a short video from the personal care brand, which depicts the selfie editing process, but backwards. An image of what looks to be an adult woman turns out to be a young girl that’s heavily augmented her appearance with an app. While the campaign aims to shock viewers, the message behind it shares hope, with the idea that there is room to take action and prevent this from continuing to be a reality for young girls.Image Credit: The Drum

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