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Social Content Suggestion Apps : RaterFox app

Social Content Suggestion Apps : RaterFox app


Social Content Suggestion Apps : RaterFox app


The ‘RaterFox’ App Offers Content Recommendations from Real People

The ‘RaterFox’ app is a social platform for television show and movie enthusiasts to provide them with an outlet to share their love of specific titles to help others out in their quest to find the best content.

The platform is socially focused and enables users to follow others to keep up with what they’re watching. This could aid with the content exploration process by helping users pinpoint similar genres or titles that they might enjoy based on the recommendation of someone with similar interests.

The ‘RaterFox’ app speaks to the overwhelming amount of content at the fingertips of consumers and the need for help with finding the right kind of TV shows, movies or even games for their preference.


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