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Social Media-Inspired Dental Branding

Social Media-Inspired Dental Branding


Social Media-Inspired Dental Branding

Smile White, a teeth whitening dental company, partnered with design firm Ascend Studio to instill its branding with inclusive messages of positivity. Smile White’s mission is to bring teeth whitening to previously untapped audiences who may feel that the service is not designed for them and hasn’t found success in drawing on drugstore teeth whitening products. The brand intentionally uses bright colors and real-life photos to ground the company in the everyday consumer to combat that perception.Founded by Dr. Hassan Dalghous, the brand brings a sense of feel-good empowerment to consumers, drawing inspiration from Instagram culture. Smile White’s branding sports slogans like “Feel Epic,” “Feel Bright,” and “Feel Bold,” which encourages consumers to own and celebrate their individual identities. With its dual focus on accessibility and positivity, Smile White intends to open up new market opportunities.Image Credit: Transform Magazine

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