sells high-quality pet food with a direct-to-consumer online subscription model that’s all about honesty and efficiency—as there’s no middle man to educate consumers on its products, the dog food branding was created to be fun and informative but also time-saving for busy pet parents. As the dog food brand makes cold-pressed kibble and raw frozen meals, as well as jerky treats, it underlines the high quality of its products with bold, modern typographic packaging—for example, the brand’s competitively priced products boast labels like “Faff Free Frozen” and “No Stress Cold Pressed.”

Knowing that the needs of every pet are slightly different, the brand makes product recommendations and custom boxes for its subscription members.

With its unique approach to dog food branding, specifically goes after underserved “rational thinkers who see dogs as dogs” and not people who see their pets as babies or wolves.

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