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Supportive Feminine Health Teas

Supportive Feminine Health Teas


Supportive Feminine Health Teas

These new HotTea Mama tea blends have been launched by the brand in the UK to offer women with a way to naturally support the body during menstruation or menopause. The teas include Take a Pause and Over the Moon, which are targeted towards the needs women on their period and those experiencing perimenopause through post-menopause, respectively. Take a Pause is a green tea and herbal blend with raspberry leaf, gingko biloba, ginseng, valerian and licorice, while Over the Moon is an herbal infusion with chamomile flowers, raspberry leaf, spearmint, gingko, rose petals and dandelion root.Co-Founder Bethan Thomas spoke on the new HotTea Mama tea blends saying, “I have a degree in Tea Science and, when Kate was pregnant, she would often ask me for advice on what she could drink. I would tap into my knowledge to recommend herbs and blends that could help her with morning sickness, or be a satisfying replacement for caffeinated drinks. This research helped me, too, when I was expecting my first child. We kept asking ourselves, why is nobody offering this kind of product? We had no answer, but we loved the concept. Our teas have won awards and we’re now selling over a million teabags a year. Our costumers came to us asking about PCOS, fertility, endometriosis, PMS and menopause, and we saw there was a gap in the market for a product or two that targeted these issues. We’re delighted with what we’ve created and look forward to this new journey.”

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