Mike’s Hard Lemonade & Imgur Target Millennial Audiences

Meme marketing has become a popular form of advertising in the digital age as brands adapt their content to fit the preferences and sense of humor of Millennial and Gen Z audiences. For Mother’s and Father’s Day, Mike’s Hard Lemonade collaborates with Imgur and Wavemaker on a series of cheeky ads that tackle everyday interactions with parental figures — from the reluctance of a mother to stop embracing her child to the advice of a dad that socks and sandals are ultra-comfortable.

The meme marketing campaign for the holidays is part of Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s ‘The Brighter Times’ which focuses on optimism in an age where it is far easier to be a pessimist. In addition to the humorous visual assets, the campaign also hosts a contest, where the brand pledges to fly out “six lucky Imgurians home to surprise mom and dad.”

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