The April 2019 branding techniques are rooted in humor, company mash-ups, and good design.

One recurring instance is labels subtly shouting out to one another by way of ads. A great example of this is Samsung’s foldable phone concept which is highly anticipated by consumers. Many non-tech brands have recognized the appeal and the attention that the mobile manufacturer is getting over this innovative product and as a result, numerous iteration of the Galaxy Fold ads are surfacing. The ‘Fold Hold’ ad by Dominos is one of the more noteworthy ones.

Other highlights in the April 2019 branding round-up embrace consumer experience. The ‘Cheetos Chateau’ in São Paulo, Brazil was definitely a pop-up that delighted fans of the cult-favorite snack and gave them playful insight into the life of Chester Cheetah. The activation surely made the company quite memorable.

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