The variety of different July 2019 branding concepts was explored by multiple vastly different industries — many were technologically charged and others were done through outreaches such as packaging. Branding is important to any company when it comes to representation. It paves a path in how consumers will interact and understand their brand overall.

This month, Dunkin’ Donuts celebrated Pride Month with a donut named ‘Sprinkled with Pride’ and it featured all the colors of the rainbow to represent the LGBTQ+ flag. The donut is frosted with strawberry frosting and sprinkled with the colorful goods on top. Another great branding example this month was done by the American Red Cross — it’s ‘Missing Type’ campaign showcased some of the globe’s most recognized brands and removes the ‘B’s, the ‘A’s, and the ‘O’s to encourage others to donate blood.

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